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Red Fox + State of the Art Cameras

Cameras with ai integration to provide the most accurate information possible

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From discrete cameras that interior designers absolutely love to powerful PTZ and bullet cameras, we've got you covered.  Plus, with ai integration you can have more information at your fingertips than ever before.  Vehicle, person, and even license plate recognition can help alert you when and where there is any activity.

Red Fox + Access Security

Keep your business secure and know who's accessing your facilities with smart access controls

Answer the door from anywhere, and unlock it for those you trust.  Use your mobile device, NFC card, fob, PIN number, or QR code to unlock doors.  Grab a 10 second video of every allowed entry to audit and confirm who has access.  Add intercoms in offices or tenant rooms to grant access at gates or main entries.  All of this and more is possible.

This is access control for the modern building.

Right at your fingertips...

It has never been easier to be fully aware of your surroundings, and keeping yourself, your team, and your facility safe.

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