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Commercial Services

Construction Pre-Wire

One of the most important pieces of any construction project is the wiring. We are a technology company that also handles electrical, not the other way around, which gives us a huge advantage in handling complex projects.

Hi-voltage or low-voltage.

New construction or remodel. Residential or commercial.

We do it all.

Office Space

Offices can't function these days without technology, and every office is unique. Culture, workflows, markets, budgets, and more can all play a role in deciding what is right for your team. We can work with you to design the tech solutions that best fit your needs and maximize productivity.

Retail/Food Service

Retail and food service spaces are a technical challenge we like to take on. We can provide anything from secure networks for point-of-sale systems, to scalable customer WiFi, to automation solutions for control over music, video, lighting, and more in your space.

Conference Rooms

Communication is crucial to getting work done.  Whether you're presenting to a group in the room with you, or connecting to several people at remote sites, we can help communicate clearly using the latest in presentation and conferencing technology.

Live Venues

There are so many things to consider when it comes to live performance venues. Room acoustics, lighting, video presentation, microphones... the list goes on. We have over 50 years of combined experience in the live venue space, and we are excited to help turn your dreams into reality.


We get asked to collaborate or consult on all kinds of custom and unusual projects.  Audio, video, lighting, electrical, networking, media, security, automation, and communications are all specialties we can help with. If you have a project that requires technical expertise, we can help

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