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Commercial Services

Electrical Work

Red Fox + Electric

Red Fox is a fully licensed electrical contractor. We can manage high voltage wiring for new construction, retro fit upgrades, residential or commercial.  Project management is also a crucial part of what we do. We think and plan beyond our scope so your project goes smoothly no matter how many systems, contractors, or stakeholders are involved.

Red Fox Electric
Red Fox LynTec
Red Fox Middle Atlantic
Red Fox SPAN Panel
Red Fox Whirlwind

Red Fox + Power Management

Power management in commercial systems is crucial, and we provide electrical systems that are up to the task. Remotely control every breaker in your space. Automatically sequence power on or off at the touch of a button.  Protect valuable equipment from powers surges, grid fluctuation, and unplanned outages.

Red Fox Ketra
Red Fox Lutron
Red Fox Vantage
Red Fox WAC

Red Fox + Lighting

Commercial spaces are all unique.  Some only need basic lighting, while others have very special requirements.  No matter what your lighting needs are, we can design and install the perfect lighting for your space.


Red Fox + EV

EVs are on the rise, and we can get your business up and running with the charging capabilities you need.  We can also provide systems that allow you to take control of your charger.  Enable or disable charging on a schedule, or get alerts when your charger is being used and remotely disable it to prevent unwanted use.

Red Fox EV
Red Fox EV
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