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Red Fox + LED Wall Systems

From complete LED wall systems like the Samsung Wall, to custom designed modular solutions, our team can install any LED wall solution in your space.

Red Fox LED Panel

Red Fox + Kaleidescape

Red Fox Kaleidescape

We build custom theater solutions that look and sound amazing, and Kaleidescape is the cherry on top.  With Kaleidescape, you can download and watch the same high-quality video and audio files that get delivered directly to the theaters.  And if that wasn't good enough, you can enjoy exclusive access to movies while they are still only in theaters, from the comfort of your own home.


Red Fox + Media Decor

Some people prefer their technology to be out of sight.  While we pride ourselves on very clean installations, Media Decor lets us take hidden technology to the next level.  Displays can become a canvas, a framed painting, or mirror - only to be seen when you want them to be.

Red Fox Media Decor Canvas
Red Fox Mantel Mount

Red Fox + MantelMount

One of the most popular places to mount displays is over the fireplace.  Unfortunately, the viewing angle of a screen that high is less than desirable.  MantelMount systems overcome this problem in a very clean and simple way.

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