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Red Fox + Ketra

If you are looking for the absolute best in residential lighting, look no further.  Ketra Lighting is designed to create the perfectly lit environment in any situation.  Automatically mimic the daylight color temperature throughout the day timed with sunrise/sunset, fade to warm colors in the evening, or wash areas with vast amounts of color.  All controlled with automation, at the touch of a button, or with voice control.

Vantage 22.png

Red Fox + LeGrande


LeGrande delivers high-performance lighting and shade solutions for residential and commercial applications to transform the spaces where people live, work, play, and heal. With this industry-leading manufacturer, we can deliver unique lighting and acoustic solutions for all interior and exterior environments.


Red Fox + WAC

WAC provides a huge range of products to perfectly plan and create your environment.   Temperature control, color wash, indoor, outdoor, residential, commercial, complex, or simple - We can design the perfect system for you.

Lutron Lighting Shades.jpg

Red Fox + Lutron

Lutron is one of the most well-known names in lighting and control, and we can design, order, and install custom lighting and shades from Lutron to suit your environment.  We can also configure lighting control, whether you prefer Lutron's own control system, or something more integrated with your other systems.

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