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Residential Services


Audio is so crucial, and when it comes to audio in the technology space, there is a baffling amount of information. Room acoustics, signal flow, delay timing, speaker selection... the list goes on. Our team can guide you through it all, and help you choose the best installation for you project.


Today, everything requires a network.  TV's, phones, smart devices, alarm systems, security cameras... even appliances are connected.  The network has become the central nervous system of every space.  Our networks are built with security and speed in mind.  We even provide remote network monitoring and troubleshooting services.


Pixels matter - in measure of both quality and quantity, and the number of choices can seem endless.  Whether you need a TV for your home, projection for a theater, or a custom LED wall - we can help you choose the right display for your space.


Have you ever travelled a long distance and suddenly had the feeling you forgot to lock the door?  With a fully integrated security system you can lock the door, close the garage, check the cameras, and arm the security alarm from anywhere - all from your phone or tablet.  "Peace of mind" is now an understatement.


Light can have a profound effect on us, sometimes even without our knowledge.  Our mood can be changed by a sunrise or a cloudy day.  With the proper fixtures and placement, you can have complete control over the lighting in your space.  Indoors or outdoors - anything is possible.


Our electrical division is top-notch.  We are a technology company that also provides full electrical services, not the other way around.  That means, not only can we provide all standard electrical services, but we can go beyond that with smart panels, power monitoring, EV solutions, and more.


Of all the bases we cover, this one improves quality of life the most.  Frustrated with pushing lots of buttons in several places to do a simple task?  Let's make that a single button.  Or better yet, a voice command.  Our goal is to get technology out of the way so you can focus on other things.

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