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Electric Cables

Red Fox + Electric

Red Fox is a fully licensed electrical contractor. We can manage high voltage wiring for new construction, retro fit upgrades, residential or commercial.  Project management is also a crucial part of what we do. We think and plan beyond our scope so your project goes smoothly no matter how many systems, contractors, or stakeholders are involved.

Red Fox Electric
Red Fox SPAN Panel

Red Fox + SPAN

Red Fox SPAN Panel

The 100 year-old breaker panel has been reinvented.  Seamlessly direct power from the grid, solar, generator or battery to run your home.  Remotely control every breaker in your house.  Digitally prioritize what's most important when the power goes out.  Automatically  redirect power to charge your EV at night when power needs are low and costs are cheaper.  Get alerts when devices get unplugged or show signs of going bad (like using more power than usual).

With SPAN, we can take power to a whole new level.


Red Fox + EV

EVs are on the rise.  We can get your home or business up and running with the charging capabilities you need.  We can also provide systems that allow you to take control of your charger.  Enable or disable charging on a schedule, or get alerts when your charger is being used and remotely disable it to prevent unwanted use.

Red Fox EV

Red Fox + Generators

Red Fox Generator

Power outage?  No problem.

When you have a whole-home generator, peace of mind is an understatement.  We can properly size and install a generator for your home or business, and keep you running when your power company can't.

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