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Venues and Event Spaces

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Audio is so crucial, and when it comes to audio in the event venue space, there is a baffling amount of information. Room acoustics, signal flow, delay timing, speaker selection... the list goes on. Our team can guide you through it all, and help you choose the best installation for your project.



Video for venues can be daunting.  We can help with LED walls, signal routing, presentation software, camera on screen, streaming, multi-campus, recording, post-production workflows, and more.  Let us help you design and implement the best video solutions to fit your needs.

Pop Music Stage


Light can have a profound effect on us, especially in an event venue.  With the proper fixtures and placement, you can have complete control over the lighting in your space, and set the proper tone for anything you want to communicate.  From simple installations to systems that allow you to paint your entire space, we can design and build your lighting dream.

Networking and WiFi

Today, the network has become the central nervous system of every space, and venues are no exception.  AVL systems require fast, robust networks... but your guests expect internet access as well.  We can design and implement the best network solutions to cover everything you need, and our networks are built with security and speed in mind.  We even provide remote network monitoring and troubleshooting services.

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