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Red Fox + Data Security and Backup

We work with the best brands in the industry.

Network Hub and Cable

Network Management

A network is like a central nervous system at the very core of any business operation these days.  It's important to monitor and protect your network so you can keep working without costly interruptions.  Our network support includes monitoring your network for problems and keeping your devices up to date with the latest security patches and firmware.

Coding Station

Data Security

Keeping your computers, servers, and storage secure is crucial for businesses.  We provide remote monitoring and management for computers and networks, as well as 24/7 endpoint threat detection and remediation to keep your systems safe from malicious attacks.  


Backup and Archive

Protecting your digital assets with a backup and archive strategy can help save your business from cyber attacks or catastrophic events (like fires or floods).  We can provide managed backup and archiving solutions in the cloud or on-prem, for computers, servers, or NAS systems.

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